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Dabble 40: New Trick

Featuring Gavin Sol, Zenion

Dabble 40: New Trick

The small white corgi stood over the counter-top in the kitchen, waiting for the toaster to release his bread while a jar of peanut butter and jelly sat waiting next to him. When the bread popped out, he spread the condiments over them, sat the sandwich on a plate, and cleaned up his area.

Coming back over to his snack, the dog’s tail wagged and he licked his lips.

“Gavin,” said a whispering voice, stopping him from taking the first bite. He looked behind him and hovering in the air, at the other end of the room was a light. “Gavin,” spoke the light, whispering his name in a soothing tone.

Gavin stared at the light a little longer, squinting his eyes to find the light was actually a ball of fire. The corgi’s ear flicked and he tilted his head but couldn’t turn around from the strange light source.

“Come to me, Gavin, come to me,” the fire ball seduced. The shining orange light beckoned the golden eyed pup. Gavin’s eyes widened a little and he absentmindedly moved forward, unblinking. The closer he walked to the glow, the more power it’s hypnotism had.

The dancing ball of flame floated from the kitchen into the living room. Gavin, having gotten so close as to feel the warmth radiating from the light, followed promptly with the sandwich in hand.

The dancing light stopped and descended onto a fox’s finger. The fox grinned as he watched his friend approach him without saying a word, his eyes still fixated on the light.

“Gavin,” Zen said behind the fire. His voice filtered through, creating the illusion of a much soother voice entering Gavin’s ears. “Give Zen your sandwich.”

The fire continued to dance as Zen spoke behind it. Despite Zen’s presence, Gavin could see nothing else around him, except that light. The corgi nods slowly and extends his hand forward to give it to Zen.

Zen stretched his head over the couch and took a big bite of the sandwich, still keeping his finger up to hold the fire still. “Thanks!” With a snap of the fox’s finger, the fire on his finger went out and Gavin barked, rubbing his eyes.

“What the…?” Gavin looked around, blinking a few times as he came back to his senses. He looked at Zen chewing, then down at his toasted sandwich with a bite on it. “ZEN!”

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