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Dabble 39: Catch The Doggie

Featuring Gavin Sol, Zenion

Dabble 39: Catch The Doggie

“Why did you bring me out here?” Gavin asks with his arms folded. Gavin and Zen stood outside the forest with Zen leaned against a tree.

“I wanted to test something out,” Zen replied, leaning against a tree. “If we’re going to make it out here in the world, I need to see how fast you are and what you can do.”

“I don’t have anything going for me except speed. Besides, I thought familiars were suppose to help their companions?”

“Oh we are, so consider this training.” Zen pointed behind him with his thumb. “I want you to run to the other side of this forest as fast as you can. There’s a river up this way which’ll be your stopping point.”

Gavin looked into the forest, thick with trees. “How do you know that?”

Zen smirked. “I checked earlier. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you.”

Sol shook his head. “I’m pretty fast, but alright, if you say so.”

Gavin hopped from one foot to the other, got into a runner’s pose, and took off into the forest, leaving Zen far behind in the dust. Gavin dodged trees and jumped over bushes as he continued in a somewhat straight line but stood soon after to look behind him.

“Zen?” Gavin called out, getting nothing in response. Soon after, he heard the sound of flapping and squinted his eyes as the sound got closer. Coming into view with a flock of birds on fire, flying towards the small white corgi with glowing pink eyes. Gavin barked and turned around, running at full speed again after the birds let out a collective screech, gunning for him.

Gavin ran through as much field as he could but the birds kept pace with him, much to his surprise. “Zen! This isn’t funny!”

A fire-bird flew up and dived down into Gavin. Gavin looked behind him and side stepped it, but the bird exploded on impact with the ground. The corgi flew off his feet from the blast, and stumbled along the ground, rolling until he fell into a quiet river just as Zen said there was.

The flock of fire-birds landed on the ground close to the river, without burning the grass, and started chirping.

Gavin came up to the surface, gasping for air and growled. “That is so not funny,” he grumbled.

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