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Dabble 38: Always Find A Way

Featuring Zen, Sol

Dabble 38: Always Find A Way

“What exactly is this again?” Zen asked, walking behind an excited 4 ft tall corgi who’s tail wagged faster than a fan set on high.

“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a carnival before!” Gavin exclaimed excitedly.

Zen watched as more people walked passed him, getting in line to enter a the carnival at the edge of a small village. Zen raised his eyebrow and folded his arms as the two stood in line.

“So you walk around and pay to amuse yourself? Waste of money is what it sounds like.”

“No it’s not. Think of all the games, prizes, food, there are even rides,” Gavin said, getting closer.

Zen shook his head, but snickered in amusement at Gavin’s excited behavior. While Gavin leans to the side to look into the carnival area, eyeing some games he’s been wanting to play for a long time, Zen looked towards the front of the line.

Some furs and their families paid their ticket at the booth before going inside. As the two came closer, Zen noticed one family didn’t pay for their pet dog as they went inside. Zen looked around at the people behind him, distracted with talking to themselves or looking towards the carnival, waiting eagerly to get inside.

Gavin walked up to the window. “Morning!”

An anthro doberman smiles at him. “Welcome to the carnival. How many tickets?”

“Two please,” Gavin said as he reached into his pocket to take out some coins.

“Nice pet,” he commented, stopping Gavin from handing him the money.

“Pet?” Gavin asked.

“That is your pet right?” Asked the ticket master, pointing to a feral fox next to him.

Gavin looked down to see a feral Zen panting with his tail wagging. The corgi barked in surprised. “Z-Zen?” Gavin asked, surprised. Zen made happy fox noises, pawing at Gavin’s leg with a smile.

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