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Dabble 37: Family Fireworks

Feature Females of Kitsunix Family

Dabble 37: Family Fireworks

“It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s crowded, it reeks, and it’s loud… Why did we come here again?” Dria asked with a frown as her three sisters walked along the road to a carnival.

“For the food, the celebratory atmosphere, the view of the fireworks, the fact that the girls are out, and because of that!” Natha pointed towards the heavily illuminated Ferris wheel. Her tail wagged at the thought of seeing the show so far up.

“Why do you want to ride that… when we can fly?” Zenya asked, the tall green vixen looking up, then at the line to get onto the Ferris wheel. “Spread our wings, fly, and we’ll be as close as we want. Better yet, at home, under an AC, with a telescope.”

“Come on girls, have a little fun,” smiled Nora, the yellow vixen. “We’ll be worse than Zenith if we don’t go out more often. It’s rare we get to go anywhere as just girls.”

“Exactly!” Natha cheered. “So, we’ll walk around, get snacks, see what souvenirs we’re gonna get after the fireworks show, enjoy it all atop the Ferris wheel, get the boys to carry our stuff, and we’ll be back home. Onward!”

Natha led the group around the carnival where each one picked up a snack along the way. Natha got cotton candy, Zenya got gum, Dria got a smoothie, and Nora picked up a large chocolate funnel cake to share with the group. Afterwards, they proceeded to wait in line to get on the ride. Dria nudged Zenya to play along, as the two girls worked their charms on the men and women in front of them. Despite the stern glare from Nora to do such a thing, the four of them made it on the Wheel and took up a container seat. When Nora wasn’t looking, Natha’s eyes glowed pink straight at the conductor for this ride. The conductor froze a moment as the spell was set.

“Something wrong, Natha?” Nora asked turning around.

“Nothing!” Natha said quickly with a wide smile.
The group of vixens slowly made it to the top of the ride just as the fireworks lit up the sky. The conductor stopped the ride on Natha’s suggested psychic spell to allow the vixens to enjoy the show.

“This is beautiful,” she replied as light filled her eyes from the colorful fires sparking the sky.
On the ground near the beach, Zeno, Naku, Zenium, Zenith, and Zenny sprawled out on different lounging items. Naku laid on his tails, Zenium in a glamorous chair with an umbrella over him, Zenith slightly levitating off the sand, Zeno in the sand, and Zenny in a makeshift sand hammock attached to sand trees he unexplainable created that actually worked.

“Now dis is what I’m talkin’ bout!” Naku cheered as the fireworks went off.

“It is nice to get out every once in a while. I just wish the humidity wasn’t as strong,” Zenium replied, smiling up to the sky. “Least this is as crazy as it gets.”

“Fire in the hole!” Zenny called out, having a sand made cannon next to him, aimed at the sky. A firework shot out and exploded in the sky, showing a happy Zenny in his white suit, clicking his heels in the air and a speech bubble saying, ‘Happy 4th!’ on it. The girls laughed and cheered.

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