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Dabble 36: Legendary Flora

Featuring Nimoh, Zeno

Dabble 36: Legendary Flora

Distracted on his break, Nimoh, a purple newfoundland farm boy, lifted up his straw hat and took out a notebook from his back pocket. He sat on a bench in the flower garden he grew from scratch and admired the handywork he helped create. While the monastery on the mountain was beautiful, as well as the natural landscape from hundreds of miles up overlooking the world, his collection of different colored plants collected from his short travels all in one place and beautifully aligned made him smile widely.

“Could I ask for your company on your break?” Zeno asked. The seven feet tall browned furred kitsune towered over Nimoh, but Nimoh smiled at him.

“Absolutely, lord Zeno,” he said scooting towards the edge of the bench to make room.
Zeno sat down. “You are aware you don’t need to call me so formally, right?”

“I know, sir. It’s a force of habit and it feels natural. Besides, this is you and your family’s land. I’m just keeping it and the crops coming. So that technically makes you and your siblings my landlords back on the farm.”

Zeno smiled in defeat. “Understood.” He glanced at the journal Nimoh carried. “Sorry if I’m being too curious, what’s that?”

Nimoh glanced down at the book. “Oh, nothing big. Just something I’ve been thinking about, but I don’t really believe it exist.”

“Speak to me,” Zeno said intrigued, despite being a giant, he gave kit eyes, drawing Nimoh to chuckle from how adorably strange that looked.

“Alright, alright. Well… Legends says that in the garden of Eden, an angel took 7 seeds from the garden and scattered them across the world. He believed that people on earth, for those who appreciated it, could enjoy a small bit of paradise in every corner of mankind.”

Nimoh leaned over to show Zeno the book, filled with notes, ideas, illustrations, and book references he got the information from if he ever tried to look them up again.

“I’m not much of an artist, but these were the seven flowers they bloomed into. One emits fire and warmth, able to give plants life when the sun don’t shine. One emits seeds, setting up a garden grid or connection to the other flowers of its kin. One emits sensory, warning the plants of any ill intent or uninvited guests.”

“It sounds like these plants have life to them,” Zeno said. “That’s… amazing.”

“They came from the garden of Eden, I’d like to think these ones are very powerful but also very beautiful.” Nimoh points to a picture. “This plant is used for herbs and medicine that can heal most of any wounds. And one emits light, able to go off in the night instead of lamps or torches. I don’t know what the last two do, but I’d really love to add them to my garden.”

Zeno saw the expression on Nimoh’s face, how he lite up with joy just talking about it. Zeno looked up to the sky as they enjoyed a brief silence, then back at Nimoh. “I’ll help you find them, if you believe they exist and want to try.”

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