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Dabble 35: Stubborn Disciples

Featuring Zenith

Dabble 35: Stubborn Disciples

“Excuse me, is this the library that this person goes too?” Asked a young Jackal who stood next to a young wolf. The Jackal held up an illustration the wolf made, showing a silver fox with emerald eyes and a stoic expression staring a thousand yards away.

The librarian behind the desk, a deer, examined the beautiful piece and smiled. “Yes, he has come here from time to time. Or at least I’ve seen his face before about once a week.” Her ear flicked when sparks in the boys’ eyes lit up with excitement. They gave themselves a high five, earning a stern shush from the librarian.
The boys stalked the library entrance patiently with their tails wagging. After an hour passed, their enthusiasm faltered. Another hour and one of them got a book to read while the other continued waiting. Three hours passed and they hung their heads in defeat. The wolf walked and placed the book he borrowed back on the shelf.

“Can’t believe it. I was sure he was gonna be here,” whined the wolf.

“You shouldn’t have spent that money on that fortune teller,” the Jackal said.

“Like you had any better ideas. How else are we gonna find him if Ms. Trueson doesn’t know? They only came to the orphanage once.”

The two of them sighed until a hand reached over their heads to grab a newspaper and walk off. The boys didn’t notice at first but looked at each other, then at the figure. Large smiles plastered on their faces as they say a silver tail sticking out the back of that same attire, blue pants with a dark blue button up long sleeve shirt.

The two of them speed-walked rapidly to get in front of the fox, who lowered his newspaper when he sensed two people in front of him.

The two kids quickly lowered themselves to the ground, on their knees, and heads to the floor. “Please accept us as your magic students,” they said in practiced unison.

The emerald eyed fox, Zenith, glanced at the two for a moment before lifting into the air. The boys blinked and looked up, gawking at the fox’s levitation, and their jaws dropped when Zenith phased through the ceiling like a phantom.

“Master!” The Wolf called. Despite the shushes from the people inside. The boys raced for the steps, heading to the second floor. “Master, wait!” The boys yelled out again as Zenith continued his ascension into the third floor. “We’ll do anything you ask!”

While chasing the phantom fox, the boys were being chased by security. The two boys raced as fast as they could up the steps. Zenith was about to phase through the roof.

“Take us with you!” The Jackal cried out. Both boys jumped as hard as they could, trying to grab onto his robe, tail, or paws. Their fingers went straight through, and they dived face first into the carpet with Zenith escaping. The boys groaned and sat up, rubbing their faces. The jackal glanced out the window, seeing Zenith hopping from rooftop to rooftop. “There he goes! Come on, we can’t lose him!” The boys turned around to face security towering over them. They smiled sheepishly before getting picked up and tossed out, only to get up to start running.

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