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Dabble 32: Night Club Rumble

Featuring Zenaku

Dabble 32: Night Club Rumble

With the night ascended, the music playing, and the lights flashing, Zenaku stretched out on the couch in his private penthouse. He sprawled out his six tails while lightly spinning a glass drink, two ice cubes inside, as he oversaw his nightclub from above. Past his one-way glass, he saw the dance floor full to capacity with furs of all kinds. His eyes glanced at all the ladies before he happily took a sip, his red and golden decorated room smelled of raspberry and cherry. Suddenly, he heard screaming and shouting and leaned forward to get a good view. A large German Shepard, wolf, and coyote appeared in his place armed and loaded.

Zenaku growled and stood up, placing his drink down, and merged his six tails into one. Before anyone could do anything, Zenaku pressed a button on his remote. “What chall want?” He said slanged.

“Fox hunting! Get ya hide down here!” The German Shepard announced.

“Arite, stay rite dere,” the red fox said as he tossed the remote to the couch. Moments later he walked out a set of doors with a rhino and croc guard behind him. The three gunmen witnessed the black dread locked leader approach them with a large foxy grin. “Waddup yall?”

The German Shepard hoisted the gun on his shoulder as he glanced around. “People talk about how you the big shot around here. Gotta say this place is dope, especially that little penthouse you got going on up there,” he said.

“Ya gon get to da point or wat?” Zenaku asked, making the wolf and coyote frown while the German Shepard smirked, pointing his gun at him.

“The point is,” the leader said, clocking his gun. “We’re taking over and you got till the count of three to drop the keys… One,” he started. Zenaku’s guards didn’t seem amused or phrased by their threat which worried the two other gun men. The German Shepard growled a little. “Two,” he warned. Zenaku bent his knees slightly and his tail swayed back and forth to the counting, waiting for the right moment.

“Thr…” He finished, about to pull the trigger. All of a sudden, the German Shepard felt his throat close up. Zenaku, left arm stretched out, closed the distance in seconds as he bull rushed the idiot to the ground, causing his gun to fly away. The German Shepard slammed the back of his head hard against the floor and passed out.

The other two, stunned by such movements, quickly drew their guns to fire. Zenaku, predicting that, swayed his tail after engulfing it in fire. He sent a wave of it towards the gun men and they dropped their guns as they were too hot to grasp.

Zenaku made his second tail immerge. The tips of his tails shot out fire, propelling him forward with frightening speed. He grabbed both of their foreheads, dragged them to the other end of the room, and slammed the back of their heads against the glass and wall. Both of them passed out instantly. Zenaku cracked his knuckles.

“Lock em up. Imma hava talk wid em later,” he said then dusted his hands. The guards picked up the three gun men while Zenaku walked to the counter and resumed the music with a press of a button, taking a deep breath and smiled as the night was still young.

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