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Dabble 30: Chosen 3

Featuring Kurama, Merrow, Clive

Dabble 30: Chosen 3

“Merrow, why are we checking out this old shop again?” Clive, the black cat asked as he walked beside his two friends Kurama the fox and Merrow the wolf.

“In the shop, I found something that was so incredible I felt it giving off some magic. I knew Kurama would like it, but I wanted to see if we could find something you might like too,” Merrow responded enthusiastically. The three furs walked down the street and in front of a shabby looking antique store. Compared to the other stone or wooden stores along the block, this one appeared to be decaying but seemingly structure enough.

“I don’t trust it already,” Clive responded.

“I was told by the owner that he will be putting the place on sale and since I helped him clean up the place a lot, he allowed me one item inside,” Merrow said.

“Well don’t hold us in suspense. Lead the way!” Kurama said with a wagging tail, his eyes lit with the thought of antique magical items.

Merrow opened the door to the of a small bell announcing their arrival. Same as the outside, the inside faired no difference. Old papers, dusty items, shelves covered in minor webs with dust as abundant as the air, litter the place. The owner, an elderly wolf asleep at the counter, didn’t hear the bell go off and continued snoozing.

Merrow led his friends to the back corner. “There it is.” He said. The wolf walked over to a pedestal where a vermillion pillow rested under a black glass cover. He lifted the cover-up to reveal three small orbs, a black, white, and gray one.

“They’re… marbles?” Clive asked.

“No, not at all. Watch this,” Merrow explained as he picked up the gray one. Once touched, inside the orb changed from a solid color to a smokey pattern. It changed into different abstract shapes like an ice pattern, fire pattern, and more.

Clive, confused, thought it was a trick. Kurama on the other hand shrieked quietly in joy. “Me next! Me next!” The fox picked up the white orb next, but nothing happened. His ears flattened as he shook it to try and make something happen.

“Here, try mine,” Merrow switched with Kurama. The gray orb stopped changing patterns and returned to solid gray inside. “See? There has to be some magic inside.”

“Or it’s a trick. It is old after all.” Clive said with his arms folded.

“No, there has to be something,” Kurama persisted. “If this didn’t work for me…” Merrow and Kurama saw the last orb then swung their heads back to Clive. Kurama picked up the black orb and gestured the white orb to Clive. Clive, reluctantly, held it in his hands.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. Seconds later the three orbs glowed and yanked the three closer until the orbs touched. A ring appeared, surrounded the three in the middle of the circle. In a panic, Clive tried to remove himself but was stuck. With a flash of light, the three vanished with orbs gently returning to their vermillion pillows. A silhouette of the three appeared inside.

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