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Dabble 29: Family Foundation

Featuring the Phox Family

Dabble 29: Family Foundation

“Zenny, you still got them, don’t you?” Zenion asked his younger red-eyed brother.

The small kit rushed over with his backpack. “Right here, boss!” He said excitedly.

Zenion rubbed Zenny’s head then reached into the bag, pulling out a black, white, and gray orb. Zenion placed them on the ground then he and the other eight members of his family got in a circle with the three orbs in the middle. All of them got on their knees with bowed heads, hands together, and tails up.

“Bless this land for our family and for those we extend our hands to,” Zenion began, causing the three orbs to glow. “As our souls as a family, keep us safe and watch over us. As our will as guardians, protect those we deem worthy.” He continued. The orbs levitated off the ground and span slowly. “As eternal as our bodies, minds, and blood, see that we never stray from who we are, that we may live for each other, for ourselves, and others.”

The orbs created a ring around them that extended outwards. As the ring extended, the tall grass the Zen family prayed on were cut evenly in all directions. The ring extended for three acres of land. A small beam of light shot out of the three orbs to the edges of that cut land. Three vermillion gates, Torii, appeared along with three feral fox statues, one to the left of each gate.

“Protect us from those who seek to bring harm to our family and love us forevermore.”

After a moment of silence, the three orbs floated high above the sky in the middle of their new land. They continued dancing in a circle with each other, emitting the magic needed to keep this land secured from all who would harm it.

Each of the Zen family members rose from the grass.

“That was a beautiful prayer,” spoke Zenora, the six tailed yellow vixen.

Zenny the youngest and smallest, scanned over the new land and ran around to burn off some energy after their long flight towards here.

“So, what next?” Zendria, the four tailed purple vixen asked as she kicked a rock out of her way.

“Since we’re starting from the ground up, in a literal sense,” Zenium, the blue six tailed fox started, “We should secure the four things anybody needs. This includes food, shelter, clothes, and in most cases, transportation.”

Zenaku, the six tailed red fox, arched his back and within seconds, sprouted blue wings from his back and flapped them hard to ascend from the earth. “Got dat checked,” he smirked.

“I can make the rice fields,” Zeno, the brown four tailed fox chimed in.

“A good start but still plenty to do. Everyone, pair up with your partner and pick a direction. Zeno and Zenya, you two can stay here and watch over the place for a while until we know what kind of world this is.”

Zenya, the green three-tailed vixen, gave a thumbs up and flopped on her back on the grass to relax. Zeno rolled his eyes a little at her but nodded to Zenion.

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