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Dabble 28: New Year New Day

Featuring The Kitsunix Family

Dabble 28: New Year New Day

With Dawn on the horizon, the grass in the large open field danced themselves awake with the gentle morning breeze. The warmth and light of the large yellow star came into view over the earth while the moon slowly faded into the sky. No creatures in sight for miles and the tall grass moved in a pattern akin to the ocean. In the middle of this empty prairie, a light from the heavens shined down on one spot. The light expanded like gates opening and from the Shallotte formed 10 fox-like figures.

The first to step out of the light was the leader, wearing the yellow and orange fur patterns with pink pads and blue markings on his face and arms. His pink eyes marveled at the land and took in the new fresh air of this world.

Following behind him was a silver fox with cold emerald eyes and calm yet distant gaze that made the phrase ‘thousand-yard stare’ look like a brief stroll through the park. Next was a small orange fox with briefly glowing magical red eyes, a white tail tip, and the only one with a backpack on. Unable to see much because the grass was as tall as him, his body glowed orange and he levitated up. He wagged his tail at the sight of their new home and future adventures.

Behind the little kit was a tall yellow vixen with black pads, long angelic brown hair, and eyes as grey as her brother’s. She glanced around with a gentle smile as she walked out of the light, determination in her eyes to work. Next came her more sophisticated brother, dressed in elegant robes to semi-hide his blue fur, this dapper blue fox with white hair and white eyes took a few steps on the grass and opted to stand on a rock instead. Taking a large leap out the glowing white light to the left came a black dreadlocked, charcoal eyed, red fox who stretched in the face of the upcoming sun. With an inhale his body briefly lit up in flames before dying down, and he let out a steamy sigh through his maw with a grin.

Arriving moments later came a purple vixen with her arms folded the moment she stepped out the light. She scanned the land, finding nothing in sight, even trees. She sighed and, not wanting to deal with the tall grass, caused the wheats to whither under her paws, allowing her an easier way to walk. The pink vixen behind her, shaking her head to the decaying plants, gentle stepped on the ground and let out an excited squeak. Her blue eyes glowed as a notebook out of the orange kit’s backpack telekinetically lifted out the flap and into her hands, along with a pencil.

Second to last was a tall green vixen who stretched with long flowing black hair and let out a deep, quiet yawn for several seconds. With a gentle flip of her wrist she created a small grass bed and sat in it to relax. Last to arrive was the tallest and bulkiest of the family. This brown fox stepped out and the light disappeared while the sun rose to greet these newcomers to their world.

“Welcome home everyone,” Zenion, the leader spoke up. He turned to the family and spread his arms out. “We have a home to make, a future to build, a franchise to grow, and friends to seek. Let’s get to work.”

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