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Dabble 27: Functional and Fashionable

Featuring Natha

Dabble 27: Functional and Fashionable

“Thank you very much,” Natha, the pink vixen said as she paid for her napoleon milkshake and resumed her browsing around the mall. Natha wagged her tails while window shopping, making mental notes and at times, jotting down ideas for new outfits to design.

As she stood in front of an expensive clothing store, examining the color, texture, patterns, and overall feel of the outfits on the mannequins, a lynx cat approached her from the side.

“Excuse me, where’d you get your outfit?” She asked.

Natha turned to face her. While the lynx wore some comfortable blue jeans with a horizontal black and brown long sleeve shirt, Natha had black pants with small brown flame marks going up the sides. Her family emblem appeared on the front side of her legs, and her shirt contained a heart shape pattern of brown and blue. It went well with her blue eyes and strangely seemed to slightly glow.

“This? I made it,” she said, much to the lynx’s astonishment.

“Get out,” she said in disbelief. “You made this entire outfit yourself? I like it.” She smiled.

“Thank you,” Natha responded. “I like yours too, very subtle, it goes with your earrings.
The lynx blushed and flicked her ear a little. “Why, thank you. Did you go to school to learn your trade?”

“Not exactly, I read a lot and practice on my own?”

“What?” Said the lynx bewildered. “How long did it take you to make this?”

“After several months and trials, about two months for this one. I design all my clothes and most of my family clothes.”

“Now, tell me, what type of thread did you use? Because, you seem to be, literally, glowing in this one,” she asked, her eyes wide with anticipation.

“Oh, you can see it. It’s a small enchantment I made. It keeps me warm when the AC is on, so I don’t feel too cold. I was planning to go to the movies all this week, so I wanted to go out and test my outfits while getting inspired by other designs.”

The cat almost let out a meow as she couldn’t contain her excitement. “You know someone who can do enchantment on clothing too?” She asked giddily.

Both of them broke out into a laugh and the lynx cleared her throat. “Sorry, as you can see, I’m very excited. But, let me start over. I’m Mona, the head designer for storm dressers. It’s a new upcoming business I’m developing. Believe it or not I came here for inspiration too.”

“You have your own clothing business? That sounds amazing!” Natha gekked in excitement.

“Thank you. We’d love to have you work with us. Or at the very least, I’d love to see any other designs you have. And, if you don’t mind sharing, who did the enchantment on your outfits?”

“My brother and myself,” Natha beamed, officially making Mona’s maw drop, speechless.

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