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Dabble 26: Alliance

Featuring Koda and Severus

Dabble 26: Alliance

“Speak your name forest creature,” said a feral raven, surrounded by 15 more that follow him.

Bound by rope, irritated but respectful, the feral squirrel bowed his head. “I am Koda Stonewall, chief of the forest critters. We were driven from our land by wolves and a fire; we come in peace.” The other ravens muttered among themselves at the news.

“Ah yes, we watched that fire from afar. It lit up the night sky during our slumber. We assumed you forest creatures were throwing a feast,” spoke the raven.

“No sir, the wolves came in and claimed our territory for their own. They said they’ll hunt us down for spot. I humbly ask for shelter for my people.” Koda requested.

“Ha, you expect us to open our doors to you?” The raven said. “We have no reason to take on such a request. If shelter is the only thing you seek, why not travel far north and seek shelter from the larger creatures. You could even enlist their aid if need be.”

“The journey north would be too dangerous and is far to long. A month’s journey while being hunted down will bring us all to extinction. Please, reconsider,” Koda begged again.

The raven approached the squirrel. “And what do you have to give in return for our hospitality? As you can guess, we wouldn’t have enough foot to support all of you.”

“We’ll be able to get out own food. All we ask is a place to rest our heads and regroup. Winter’s coming and I must ensure my people are safe from the wolves. In exchange, we agree to share our bounty with you and offer our services,” Koda replied, bowing his head again.

“Lift your head squirrel,” spoke the raven firmly. Koda and the raven studied each other’s eyes. The raven sensed ambition, anger, and a hint of sadness in Koda’s soul. “You intend to take back your land… But there’s more… You’ve suffered a loss… Something heavy… It seems the wolves took more from you than just your homes.”

Koda, caught off guard and surprised, growled at the raven. He soon calmed down, then hung his head in shame. “They took my parents… I’m next in line as chief of the forest creatures,” he responded sadly.
After a few seconds of silence, the raven lifted a wing. “Release him from his bounds.”

Obeying, the other ravens nipped, pulled, and released the squirrel from his bounds, allowing Koda to properly sit up straight and examine the head raven’s decision.

“I am Severus, leader of the raven tribe. Koda of the forest creatures, we’ll allow you shelter with us from the wolves. However, you are to follow our rules and pull your weight. Is that understood?”

Koda nods. “Thank you, Severus.”

Severus turns to the other ravens. “I want one party to show the forest creatures to their resting quarters. The other half continue watching out for the wolves. Once they know we have what they seek, we’ll become targets as well. Prepare our defense and prepare for war.”

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