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Dabble 24: Scientific Invite

Featuring Zenny

Dabble 24: Scientific Invite

“You sure this is a good idea?” Mitchell, the wallaby, asked as they both walked uphill.

“Sure, I’m Sure,” Zenny reassured, the fox swaying his tail back and forth happily. “I’ve never been invited to visit a scientist before. He said he enjoyed my show and he wanted a personal performance. Not bad for a first connection in the city.”

Mitchell glanced over the hill behind them, leaving the big city and the castle in the distance. It was just about sunset and the orange sky slowly faded. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea to accept an invite into a person’s house so quickly.”

“How else am I going to get help in finding my fam? We gotta take a little risk. Besides, as long as you’re safe, I’m safe,” he smiled. Mitch found it hard to argue against that smile and gave in.

Atop the hill was a large building with a light house on the roof. Zenny walked to the door, pressed the bottom, and rocked from heel to toes waiting patiently. Mitch tried to look into the windows, but the shades kept it closed. He shivered a little with the night air and fixed his glasses when the wind kicked up dirt.
Not a minute later did the door open and a ferret with large glasses, black robes, and a handmade pocket watch hanging from his waist, open the door. “Yes, yes, the little magician! Pleasure to have you in my home, please come in,” he stepped aside eagerly.

“Doctor Pikell, is it okay if I bring my friend in with me?” Zenny asked.

“What kind of ridiculous question is that? You brought him in all this way, of course he can come in. Quick, before the night air takes you both,” he said, naturally speaking twice as quickly as anyone else.

“Thank y- gah!” Mitch started before Zenny got behind him and pushed him in comically.
Doctor Pikell closed the door behind them and zoomed to the front of them like a speedster… or a man hooked on coffee. “Thank you very much Kaycen for taking my request. Your performance at the castle was splendid! I’ve never seen anything quite like that.”

Zenny gave a polite bow. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now what shall I perform for you tonight? Elemental magic show? Making a duel with many weapons? Oh! A sky battle with both?”

“Yes, to the first but later, absolutely to the second but later, I’d never miss it for the world, but later,” he said addressing each one. “No, what I want tonight from you isn’t to show me the common shows the palace puts on. I want to see something far more special.”

Mitch examined the man’s living room. It was surprisingly clean and more modern than he expected. There were, however, large organized piles of cups with coffee in corners around the couch, desks, and chairs. He could clearly see the hallway and kitchen and heard a strange wiring sound coming from upstairs.

“What would you like to see?” Zenny questioned.

“I want to see the most spectacular feat of magic ever done before. Kaycen Phox, I want to see the full powers you have of dark matter manipulation at your peak!” He declared.

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