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Dabble 22: Quote the Raven

Featuring Zenny, Zen, Gavin, Sol

Dabble 22: Quote the Raven

“Can you see the souls within me, my chest be burning, my eyelids weary, I use to see God’s door… yet it is there, nevermore,” Zenny recited.

In the living room, the small kit, wearing a black fedora with a stripe shirt, sat on a tall stool on a stage he summoned. His audience, his snickering older brother Zenion, a none to surprised corgi enjoying himself, and a black raven folding his arms.

“Seriously,” Venishi, the black raven, said.

“Countless lives I witness daily, both men and women wonder gayly, where forth has my soulmate soar? Will I see her, nevermore?” Zenny continued.

Venishi cawed at Zenny while lightly blushing. “That’s not funny Zenny!”

Zenion could not stop snickering while Sol snapped his fingers to the poetry.

“Countless hours of meditating, yet the voices, loud, berating, find my choice of fashion as a bore, drown the silence, nevermore,” the small fox replied.

“By the holy father I’m ending this!” Ven flew up from his seat, giving chase to the kit who ran around in a circle while on stage.

“Round and round my blood will boil, finding anguish and turmoil, to silence those who fear my lore, I’ll forget it nevermore,” cried Zenny as he hopped into the air and disappeared behind a seat.

Venishi floated around searching for him. “I do not feel anguish and my blood isn’t boiling! But, you’re not helping your case, toon!”

Zenny reappeared behind Sol while continuing to read his paper. “In the mist of all my squealing, choking children I find appealing, poor young fox I love and adore; I’ll see you breathing, nevermore.”

“You!” Ven dived for the fox to try and stop the recital but once again Zenny vanished. The white corgi covered his face, trying not to laugh.

Zenny reappeared with his head sticking out of Zen’s tail fur. “While they mock me, laughing deeply, my sharpened blade will cry out sweetly, off with their heads and onto the floor, they will speak, nevermore!”
Zenny ducked back in and vanished. Zenion laughed until he saw Venishi summon his scythe which made the older fox yelp, shapeshift into his feral form, and hide under the seats before the angry raven could use it.

Zenny reappeared in a portrait hanging up on the wall, his 2D black and white form animated itself. “Once upon an evening dreaming, I came across my friends, believing, all was right within this door, a show like this, nevermore.”

Venishi sliced the painting in half and chased the fox around, while Sol and Zen applauded.

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