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Dabble 21: Ant Infestation

Featuring Zenaku

Dabble 21: Ant Infestation

“Da hell is des?” asked the 6 tailed phox, lifting a spoon to his face. Zenaku squinted his eyes to
spot a small ant on the tip of the spoon he'd just taken from the drawer. He ignited the spoon and
in a small spark the ant caught on fire, falling to the ground curled up in its deceased state.

“Dere we go,” he said. He tossed the spoon into the sink and picked up another one, clean and
ant free as he scrutinized it. He went over to the china cabinet to pull out a bowl so he could have
his cereal for breakfast. After gathering the bowl, milk, and cereal, he sat down at the table and
started to pour the cereal in. He froze before the first flake dropped in as he beheld more ants in
his bowl, about four of them as he counted.

“A'ight ya pests,” he growled, pointing his hand into the bowl and fire circled the inside. “Wha'z
with all the freakin' ants in des mug?” he asked himself aloud. He got up and poured the ants
down the sink, washing them away. When he reached down to turn off the faucet, he noticed a
little black dot squirming about the edge of the sink. He turned on the lights above the sink and
noticed a few of them. More came into his sight, making the phox growl loudly.

“Moth'r...” he put the bowl down and waved an arm over the sink. A wall of fire went through the
countertop and went into the sink. It covered the dishes and dish water, then went over to the
other side.

“Burn ya freeloader's,” h snickered. “Zenium can clean dat up.”

He hummed as he got his bowl and rinsed it out, watching the steam emerge from the bowl due
to the heat it absorbed until it was clean again. Naku went back to his seat and stretched. When
he put the bowl down and grabbed the cereal box, he paused. He slowly took his hand away,
feeling faint legs crawling on his fingers then turned the box around. A swarm of ants covered
most of the back of the box, slowly aiming to reach the top to get the cereal inside.
Naku's nose twitched, a stress vein showed on his forehead. His growls turned into fumed snarls.
He grabbed the box again and lit it on fire, burning everything in his fury, including the ants that
scattered around in a frenzy as their former friends and workers dropped from the box like dead
flies. Naku's morning cereal turned to ashes.

“Dat's it!” He stood up abruptly from his seat, having had enough ants to deal with. He lit the
table cloth on fire to scorch the ants he couldn't see. After which, he walked back to the cabinets
and drawers to light up the inside, killing the ants he found near the silverware, cups, bowls,
plates, and kitchen utensil.

He panted a bit, and looked around slowly. His eyes scanned for any moving black or red dots,
any sign of food left scattered across any surface, and any crumb on the floor he needed to clean

“Dere, now I can ea-”

“NAKU!” yelled Nora, his six tailed yellow vixen sister as she walked into the kitchen. She saw
faint burn marks on the wooden surfaces and the tablecloth turned to ashes. Naku instantly lost
his fire. It was replaced by a bead of sweat slowly running down the side of his face.

“Awwwww hell,” he made a mad dash for the back door of the kitchen.

“Get back in here!” Nora said, grabbing a rolling pin from one of the cabinets, chasing after him.

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