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Dabble 20: It's Time To Meet Them

(Featuring the Zen Family)

Dabble 20: It's Time To Meet Them

“Guess Zenny's up to something again,” the phox thought to himself as he read his brother's note. After turning the corner in the hallway, Zen reached the large marble doors leading into the library. He could hear the sounds of small conversations taking place which made his ears flick curiously. He entered the room and was greeted by both blinding light and orange fur that jumped to hug his face before he could see what was happening. The little phox hugged his brother's head with a happy tail wagging.

“Zen you made it!” Exclaimed an excited Zenny, a one-tailed phox with two top pointy teeth. “We got something special planned!” He got off his face and climbed to sit on his shoulders. He hugged Zen's head softly and rested his chin on top of Zen's head.

“Bout' time ya got here,'” spoke Zenaku, the tall 6-tail red phox leaning against a bookshelf. “We got some people ya need ta meet.” He came over to Zen and patted his shoulder roughly. He squeezed it firmly and grinned happily with a soft chuckle. “Looks like ya all grown up now,” he said.

“Where'd that come from?” Zen asked, half smiling and stretching his shoulders.

“It is true,” spoke Zenium, the blue 6-tailed phox who got up from the couch. “Several years ago, you were just coming out of the temple into Travenity. You're stronger and wiser now, which is rather surprising since it was a short amount of time. A few years in fact.”

“You've certainly grown and matured,” commented Zenora, the 6-tailed, yellow, maternal phox who leaned her head back over the head of the couch to see Zen. “I'm very proud of you.”

Zen started to blush as he received all the praise. Zenora stretched while she laid on the couch and stood up, walking over to him. “Zen, I'm sure you've probably guessed, but there are three more guardians you need to meet.”

“Three?” Zen asked. He flicked his ears and thought about it before quickly responding to Zenora. “Well, the black, white, and gray orbs I've never met before. I have always thought they were there, but I never understood why I couldn't summon them.”

“You weren't strong enough at the time,” spoke another phox from the second floor. Everyone looked up to see Zenith, a 4 tailed gray fox with piercing emerald eyes and an apathetic expression. His subtle glare still made Zen's fur stand on ends with caution and Zenaku's neck fur ruffle in agitation. He stood over the banister. “And every moment till now wasn't the proper time to meet them.”

“So, I'm really going to meet them? The last three members of the family?” Zen was a little surprised and came over to Zenith, who went down and stood on the first floor. Zenny got off his brother's shoulders and jumped onto his orange orb floating to his side. He expanded the size of the orb and sat down before flying up to join Zenith. “Why now?”

“There are several reasons why but I'm not going to list them right now. Follow me, everyone else is waiting.”

“Family reunion time!” Zenny span around on his orb going up and down in a circle. He yipped happily and flew over to the door and Zenith followed. Zen and the others followed as well, smiling as the entire family would be together, and this time it would be with everyone.

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