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Dabble 19: Split Decision

(Featuring Zenya)

Dabble 19: Split Decision

“Perfect, absolutely perfect,” said the green Vixen, resting on a hill in the park. Zenya twirled the ends of her black hair against her finger while watching people at the park enjoy themselves. When she closed her eyes to enjoy the sudden breeze washing over her, her brother, Zeno, sat next to her and stretched.

“I'm surprised you came out of the house in the first place,” he said as she laid on his back next to her. “Normally I'd have to drag you out this time of day.

“Well,” Zenya said without a care in the world “I fancy a good change of scenery now and again. Besides, you did want me to get out more.”

He frowned “No, I said I wanted you to go grocery shopping.”

“Well, I made it outside,” she said, raising her arm triumphantly “One step at a time.”
The mood around Zeno changed as he sighed irritably and closed his eyes.

“Oh, don't be so uptight,” she said, taking out her fan to use on herself. “You got the groceries way faster than I could have, and I wouldn't have been able to carry the food back home anyways. You have most if not all the muscle in the family so I'm sure it was no problem for you at all.”

Zeno didn't know whether to accept the compliment or snort at her for taking the easy way out in doing the most basic of work. He put his hands behind his head and decided to tune her out of his thoughts. At the same time, an ice cream truck pulled up on the eastern side of the park. Zenya flicked her ears and sat up looking at it, wishing for a strawberry eclair.

“Oh, big brother,” she cooed sweetly.

“Get it yourself,” Zeno said with an irritated growl to his tone, slowly losing patience with his sister's laziness.

“But bro, it's so far away, please,” she asked innocently, her tails wagging as she watched the line get longer. Zeno turned his back to her and rested on his side. “Alright, look, if I give you the money, will you go? I won't ask for anything else for the rest of the day. Sister's promise,” she said, trying to butter the deal.

Zeno grumbled and exhaled deeply, taking the money then got to his feet to head down the hill. Zenya let out a child-tone thank you and went back to resting when both of them heard a police siren and saw an armed car being chased on the western side of the park. The phoxes exchanged a glance at each other.

“It's all you,” Zeno said as he turned to head towards the ice cream truck, secretly grinning.
Zenya pouted as it was her job to stop the armed vehicle being chased. She laid across the grass and pouted. “No fair,” she puffed, before standing and taking flight to go get it.

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