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Dabble 15: Renaissance Man

(Featuring Zenium)

Dabble 15: Renaissance Man

“Seems the days of old have nearly vanished,” spoke the 6-tailed blue phox, walking from his window to his chair. Zenium stood in his room, designed by 18th-century European standards. He had large velvet drapes against the windows, a clear white carpet with a rug bearing the Infinitium family emblem in front of a small fireplace, and bookshelves telling the histories, geological advances, political and military struggles through the ages, and the modern and royal lives of everyday living.

“How I miss the days people played piano at social gatherings, having balls and dancing while explaining some of their accomplishments and adventures throughout their lives, and taking the time to look presentable and when going outside.”

He ran his fingers through the stems of his armrest then looked over at the globe in the corner of the room. His ears went up as he remembered what Zenion asked him.

“Right, Zenion asked to find a place for us to build the new monastery.” He walked over to the globe and span it around, studying the lands and regions that had the coolest to coldest climates. “Let's see. Egypt is too hot, and Japan is too common. Let's think bigger.”

He sat down in a chair and span the globe slowly. He looked around and found that his wine glass was on the other side of the room. He sighed then raised his hand in the glass' direction. The small glass shook for a moment before the white wine slowly ascended from inside. He watched it carefully waltzing his fingers towards him and the liquid followed, swishing back and forth across the room slowly in mid-air.

When it floated in front of the window, and the light illuminated the purity of the white liquid, Zenium stopped its movements and admired the glow. With a twirl of his finger, he changed the shape of the formless fluid into the appearance of a crystal, reflecting the light from the sun into the room. He smiled as he marveled at that, spinning the form around for a brief moment, reflecting on how satisfied he was in learning the opposite element he was born with.

“Such purity,” he said to himself. He let a little of the fluid leak from its levitated form and brought it closer, opening his mouth to drink from it then turned to look at the globe again.

“The Islands of Russia would be beautiful… but I enjoy the water more and it's too far from any villages.” He turned the globe again. “Fjords of Scandinavia: private, cold but I don't believe they have a good view of anything great. Let's see, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, upper India… China is beautiful but maybe I should consider how the family would react to this.”

He sipped the rest of his hovering wine and sighed contently. He spun it again and opened his eyes after taking a moment to contemplate. He was about to spin again but turned the globe back to where his finger was pointing. He leaned closer, flicking his ears as he read

“Nepal…?” he sat back in his chair “The mountains there are beautiful, and the lands are rich for farming and agriculture. If we needed to get anywhere, we'd just fly down, and it's secluded in natural beauty. I think I'll keep this place in mind.”

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