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Dabble 14: Back Alley Fight

(Featuring Zenaku)

Dabble 14: Back Alley Fight

“Now that was a pretty good workout. The place needs better AC though,” said Zenaku as he left the gym.

The 7 ft tall red phox stretched out his arms, legs, wings, and six tails as he walked down the street. People coming towards him had to duck under him or walk along the curve to get past, shooting glances of annoyance at him which he ignored with a smirk. After crossing the street, he flicked his ears, hearing, for a moment, a small screech from around the corner. He looked and saw a woman being dragged into an alley along with 7 other guys. “What? We still got damsels in distress round these parts?” he sighed, rolling his eyes. He put his hands in his pocket, whistling as he walked down the block and into the alley of the thugs.
The alley was empty and had three paths to take after walking inside. Zenaku could feel the heat signatures of 8 people and causally walked towards them.

“You scream we'll cut you,” spoke one of the thuds with the head of a gun lightly tapping the woman's head. She shivered and sniffed, tears coming down her eyes as she looked at the lustful glares of her captors, falling to the ground against the wall and breathing rapidly.

“Aww don't worry mama,” spoke another, “We ain't gonna hurt ya. We just gon' show ya a good time.”
The rest of the boys snickered and chuckled under their breath.

“Yeah, one at a time,” spoke another as the female mouse began to whimper and curl up.

“Oh yeah?” Naku said, turning the corner and looking at the boys. “Who's first?” He snickered.

“I'm first!” Said one. “Naw I am, you had the last one,” said another. “Yeah right, with that package? You couldn't… wait hold up, who this is?”

The boys looked at Naku while Naku grinned at them back. Two huskies and two bobcats surrounded the helpless mouse while a blue jay sat on the first level balcony bars up a ladder in the fire escape. A bear was leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the mouse and a shark, looking to be in his 20s with sneakers, cargo pants, a white shirt, and brown hair sat on top of a dumpster.

“Yo man, what you is? This ain't yo business, better leave or yo hide's next,” said one of the bobcats, waving a gun at him and motioning for him to shoo.

“Yeah, this here's a private joint, beat it fuzzball,” spoke a husky, snickering and causing the others, except the bear and shark, to laugh as well.

Zenaku stood still and folded his arms. His tails were merged to one and his wings folded behind him, making it hard for them to notice.

“Aye dreadlocks,” said the bobcat with the gun, coming up to him and putting the gun to the side of the phoxes head. Naku watched him, still having a small grin on his face. “Didn't you hear me punk? I thought I said to go back home.” He cocked the trigger back, with a cocky grin as Naku breathed in and out slowly. “What you scared now homeboy? Shoulda did what I said and-”

Naku cut him off, grabbing his wrist and squeezing it till the gun dropped. He bashed at the kid’s arm, snapping it out of place causing the bobcat to scream in pain. Naku kicked his legs with his left foot, suspending the boy off the ground for a moment, then brought down an axe kick to his gut. The bobcat exhaled in pain and curled up before uncurling and passing out. Naku stepped on the cat then over him and waited.

“Who's next?” Naku asked, spreading his wings now. The blue jaw saw it first and was quick to react, taking to the skies and pointing a gun sideways at the phox. Naku looked up and with one flap of his wings, took flight. He reached the bird before he could fire his third bullet. The other two missed by an inch of Naku's fur and Naku grabbed his wrists, grinning as he squeezed tightly to stop the blood flow. The bluejay screeched in pain while the remaining thugs looked above their heads wide-eyed and concerned as they readied their weapons.

Naku flipped himself and the bluejay over and they both headed for the ground. The blue jay let out an agonizing screech as he landed on his face with Naku standing on top of his back, pining his feet between the bird’s wings and pulling the wings themselves to stretch them out. When the bird passed out Naku let go but had his back turned to the thugs. The bear grabbed a crowbar, roared in anger, and swung it towards the right side of Naku's face. Naku waited for a moment, shrugged his shoulders, lifted his right shoulder, and took the hit which popped his shoulder free of stiffness.

“Aw thanks, man, I was feelin' stiff there for a sec.” The bear dropped the crowbar, the piece of metal slightly bent at the spot that made contact. “Now com'mer!” Naku said, grabbing the bear by the shirt. He brought the bear in close and headbutted him. The bear immediately passed out with his head bleeding and stood in place ready to fall to the ground. Naku let him go, twisted his foot, and kicked the bear hard in the gut. The bear squeaked as air jolted out of his windpipes and flew at the other cat and the two dogs.

The thugs hit the ground hard and pushed off the bear, turning to run.

“Who is this guy!” One screamed as he ran and hit the wall to his side, stumbling as fear overcame his senses for a moment.

“Move! Outta my way! I ain't fighting that!” Screamed the second.

“Every man for himself!” The second bobcat yelled. He tripped and fell into a puddle then crawled his way up to his feet and continued running.

The shark was impressed and furious while the female mouse was relieved and horrified. When the shark jumped off the dumpster and faced the large grinning phox the mouse got up, whimpering as she made her escape down the other end of the alley and fearing what was to happen next.

“You think you all that?” spoke the shark as he moved his tail from side to side. He pulled out his pocket knife and flicked it around in his right hand. He finished showing off and aimed it at the phox. “Lemme, see you try that stuff on me. I'mma gut yo hide good and hang it up on my wall.”

Naku grinned and said nothing, adding to the shark's irritation. The shark bounced from one foot to the other, keeping his eyes focused and his mind clear on nothing more than skinning the phox alive. Naku stood in position as the shark tried to fake him out, pretending he was gonna strike to put Naku on edge but it failed.

The shark bared his teeth and thrust the knife forward towards Naku's neck. Naku didn't flinch but looked at the knife. He set it on fire without moving and the shark yelped in pain, dropping it as it began to melt into the pavement. He shook his hand rapidly, swearing to the top of his lungs. When he looked up, at last, to swear at Naku's face Naku had brought his arm back and swung it towards the shark's gut.

The force of impact caused the shark to gasp for air as a little blood shot through his teeth. The shark was sent flying and his back hit under the railing of the fire escape. He fell and smacked his chin against the edge of the dumpster and fell to his back with a bruised gut, a swollen chin, and an unconscious body.

“Well, that's done,” Naku said as he stretched, popping a few joints as he stretched. “Now where that pool at again?” he asked himself as he turned to leave, hearing the police sirens in the distance coming closer.

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