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Dabble 13: Uninvited Attention

(Featuring Zenora)

Dabble 13: Uninvited Attention

“Of all the days to be late Naku,” the yellow vixen said to herself, looking at her watch while waiting by a fountain in the downtown city. Zenora waited for her brother who was supposed to meet her and go to the Japanese Dance performance in the open park that starts in half an hour. She looked around patiently but slightly agitated. Having planned for this event a month in advance she tried to keep her cool, leaning on her hands as her foot tapped the cold pavement below her.

Out of the corner of her eye, three boys came into view, walking in her direction. She recognized they were coming but ignored them, setting her sights on the corners or even the sky since Naku refused to hide his large wings and 6 tails, unlike herself. Nora wore a black shirt with blue jeans and a sun pendant around her neck. The base of her tail had a ring attached to it, helping to merge her tails into one, suppress her powers to avoid unnecessary attention, and added to her glamor and style.

“You lost, hun?” Spoke one of the strangers with a faint smirk on his face and a sense of arrogance in his tone. Nora turned her head, seeing a tiger with a green shirt and black pants, accompanied by two gentlemen, one an otter and the other a husky, standing behind him. The tiger was a foot taller than the two, sturdy muscles showing through his short sleeve shirt, and a million-dollar smile across his face.

“No, I'm waiting for someone,” Nora replied, turning her gaze elsewhere. Nora felt a bad vibe from him. He held his hips and looked down at her, then sat next to her unexpectedly.

“Hope ya don't mind if we keep you company, after all, you're looking too fine to be alone. Who knows, even in broad daylight you may attract the wrong attention. We can make sure nothing happens,” he said, the other two sitting next to their tiger friend.

Nora grew sick. She could feel the cocky vibe he gave off when he addressed her with his smile. Though her head was turned, from the corner of her eye she could see him lean closer to her when he spoke. The tone of his words was heavy, and his specific choice of words almost made Nora stir, as if she was some victim for him or the likes of any man.

“So baby, what're you doin' he-”

“I'm gonna stop you right there,” Nora said as she quickly turned to him. Her face showed minor annoyance but after the two boys behind the cat flinched from her expression, she smiled. “I'm not interested, and you boys are far too young for me. Next time you wanna get a girl, try checking up on how she's doing, not make accusations and assumptions.” She turned her head away again to look for her brother.

The cat whistled and leaned back from her “Whoaaaa, hold up. Watch out boys, she got a bit of fire,” he snickered. The otter and husky snickered as well, the three of them looking at her with the most tickled expression they’d had in a long time. Nora rolled her eyes in response. “Ey, listen, for real, I like that. You got your own thing going right? I ain't dissing that but com' on,” he wrapped his hand around her shoulder, making the vixen shudder and almost grit her teeth. One hand was tapping her knee, keeping her calm, while the other was stretching and closing up tightly. “I'm just saying a pretty face like yours should be hanging around with us. We can show you some of the best parts of the city… and some of my most favorite parts.”

It took all the strength Nora had not to slap his face from this side of the fountain to across the traffic streets. She breathed in and out calmly and turned to the cat with a big smile, but the two boys behind him jumped back in their seats, the cat felt a bead of sweat come across his face. Nora's smile gave off an agitated, demonic spark behind it. Her breathing was calm and her appearance the same, but her air was fueled to kill though she mainly wanted to scare them to make her point clear.

“Gentleman,” she began, the cat trying to take his hand away from her shoulder, but his nerves were paralyzed. He couldn't feel his fingers and began to smile nervously, his million-dollar grin cracking. “You three are very close friends, right? It's nice to see boys like you stick together and make a woman feel special. However,” she paused for a moment. The cat was transfixed by her eyes, almost hypnotized.
The two boys behind him were paralyzed with slight fear but they didn't have the small sparks of electricity coursing through their bodies like their leader, who had to force his arm to move even an inch away from her, but it was stuck in slow motion, almost sweating as he strained to move it and gain some distance from her. Nora leaned closer to him this time, her eyes, and lips seductively to where it would drive any real man to blush. She leaned in close to his ear.

“When a girl says no,” she placed a finger on his forehead. The cat shuddered and began to smile more calmly, thinking that wasn't as bad as he predicted. The boys behind him held their breath for a moment, letting out a slow sigh of relief. “She… means… no..” she wrapped her middle finger and thumb into a circle, aimed, and flicked the man's forehead. A sudden burst of electricity traveled from his head, coating his brain, down to his central nervous system. The cat flew from his spot and fell on top of the two boys behind him.

All three fell to the ground, one unconscious with a faint nosebleed and a terrifying smile, feeling in love and at the same time rejected and scared for life. The two boys whimpered and screamed, taking their lead, and running away. When a few people turned to look, the fellows were gone, and Nora waved.

“Bye now, enjoy your day,” she said. Her ears flicked and she turned to see her brother Zenaku flew down to meet her.

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