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Dabble 12: The Little Magician

(Featuring Zenith, Zenny)

Dabble 12: The Little Magician

“Zenith, Zenith, Zenith, Zenith!” Screamed his partner, the little orange phox racing down the hall to the library.

Zenith sat in his chair reading about the warfare and life of the samurai. His ear flicked when he heard Zenny scream but ignored it, putting the book further to his face to focus. Zenny burst through the doors on the second floor and ran to the banister, seeing his brother on the first floor in his usual spot. He disappeared, turning into sand, and vanishing into thin air before reappearing on the table in front of Zenith and leaning the book down.

“Brooo,” Zenny cheered, smiling with two pointed teeth sticking out from the top of his maw “Can you help me please!” he begged.

Zenith frowned and sat up “With?” he asked patiently though with little concern.

“I wanna go into business!” Zenny said disappearing again. Zenith sat back when the lights of the entire library went out. He'd predicted Zenny's action and simply waited for the show to start. Zenny appeared on the table in drapes and gowns with a skull in his hand. A spotlight appeared above him out of nowhere for this demonstration. “I want to bring drama and excitement to live performances.” He spun around, changing his attire to a biker's outfit. He was a micro in size, small enough to ride his bike in a caged sphere. He turned on his engine and put on his motorbike hat, riding into the cage and circling 360 degrees in all directions, cheering in excitement. “I want to perform death-defying stunts in front of a large audience and wow them with antics and never-before-seen acts of courage and valor.” The cage and Zenny disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

“The purpose would be…?” Zenith asked, waiting until a large floating hand waved a finger at him.

“Please hold all questions until the end of the show,” Zenny's voice said from within the smoke. The hand retreated and Zenith leaned on his hand against the armrest.

“I want to be famous,” Zenny continued. “I want to go around the world bringing smiles, a sense of bewilderment, and a chance at glory and world-renowned recognition.” The smoke cleared with Zenny folding his hands in prayer, looking up at the spotlight, which Zenith couldn't see the one holding it but was visibly suspended, with large hopeful red eyes. “I can see it now, the boy who brought back the classics of cartoons and quality entertainment, the one who brought back the good old laughs from the old generation, the one who introduced new and innovative ways to bring back childhood memories of funny moments never lost to the human mind… I shall be...”

A drum roll started out of nowhere and the table turned into a stage with smoke and confetti flying everywhere. Zenny appeared from a trapdoor, emerging from the ground in a white top hat with a fancy white button-up dress shirt, tailcoat, and pants. His left hand held a cane with his orange orb on top of it and he smiled, twirling it, and striking a pose.

“Zenny Infinitium, alias The Little Magician!” he announced. “Also known as Kaycen Phox,” he said, the trumpets stopped playing and the room was silent.

Zenith watched, unphased by Zenny's revelation. Knowing he wouldn't applaud, Zenny made clones of himself, and the crowd of Zennys began applauding, cheering, praising, whistling, and raising his moral support.

“And big bro,” Zenny said, coming to the edge of the stage and sitting on it. “I want you to be my manager.”

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