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Dabble 07: The Everyday Routine

(Featuring Zen, Venishi, Sol)

Dabble 07: The Everyday Routine

The tired Corgi slept on the couch cuddling a large green pillow, a little over his size. He nommed on the end of it softly while his tail wagged, his body curled up with the pillow in front of him in a firm hug. Zen came in and saw Sol asleep, hiding a soft chuckle at the cuteness he displayed. He saw Venishi, the black raven, and gestured for him to come over and see him. Venishi smiled subtly.

“I heard he had a rough night,” Venishi said. “Stopped about three fires and captured the four men who caused them. Took him all night too.”

“Sol was out in the darkness, all night by himself catching criminals,” Zen asked quietly, receiving a nod from his friend. “Well, that's impressive... And I think he deserves a little reward,” the kitsune grinned.

“Gonna make him his usual?” Venishi inquired. “You make lunch for him almost every day though.”

“Oh, I know,” Zen replied, walking into the kitchen, 'this just gives me a better excuse to do stuff.”
Venishi folded his arms and shook his head with a soft smile before going with Zen toward the kitchen. They gave each other a nod and separated. Zen went to the oven and lit up all the eyes as well as the oven. Venishi went to the fridge and pulled out several types of bread, tomatoes, ham, cheese, meat, peppers, lettuce, and extra condiments, making several trips to the table.

Zen grew out his tails and grabbed four large skillets, filling them with low-calorie butter. Venishi coordinated and placed two pieces of bread in each skillet. They switched and while Venishi tended to the stove and hot area, Zen went towards the condiments spread out across the table. He wrapped the lettuce in his tail and extended it over the sink to rinse it off, while he grabbed some tomatoes and chopped them up on a chopping board. His second and third tail worked together to open a jar of pickles and after the tomatoes were cut, he started chopping those up as well. Venishi took a few glances at the kitsune, watching him and his tails go to work. He went over and pulled out several plates and lined them across the countertop. Each set of bread, toasted on each side of the skillet, was placed on each plate.

Zen levitated the items he prepared from the table over to the countertop. On the first plate laid pepper jack bread which he added slices of ham, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles. The second bread was hearty Italian slices, added with salami, lettuce, banana peppers, onions, and honey mustard. Zen completed the rest of the sandwiches, mixing up different combinations of bread, meat, vegetables, and condiments. After an hour in the kitchen, Zen and Venishi began to clean up. They looked at the table, then at themselves before laughing at all the work they did.

“I'll go get him,” Venishi said as he left to enter the living room.
Zen stood in front of the table, a variety of 32 sandwiches stacked on top of each other in the center of the table and 12 cups of water surrounding it on the edges of it. Venishi came in with Sol, who was rubbing his eyes and yawned before stopping midway, sniffed, and his eyes and tails bolted up.

“Tadaa,” Zen said as he gestured dramatically at the table. “And it was all Venishi's idea.”

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