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Dabble 06: The Morning Time

(Featuring Natha, Dria)

Dabble 06: The Morning Time

Groaning in bed near 7 am, a pink vixen stretched her arm out, aimlessly searching the air to stop her alarm from ringing. She contacted the nightstand and slowly rubbed her hand along the fine furnishing until she came across the cold box, softly vibrating with every loud noise.

“Oh, shut up,” she said to the alarm groggily and balled her fist, slamming on the snooze button. Her hand fell along with her arm, and she smiled in her sleep, nuzzling her pink plush pillow, and yawned as she shifted.

“And you're the one who was excited about today,” said her sister, sitting in the chair with a large black book as she stared at the pink vixen in the bed.

“Come on sis,” Natha said softly, yawning and turning to her side, hiding her head under the pillow. “10 more minutes, stuffs not going anywhere,” she pleased, half muffled under her pillow.

Dria shook her head and the purple vixen stood up from her chair and closed her book. She walked around her sister's bed and grinned as she grabbed a piece of string. Staying within the shadows, she tugged at the string and from the window, a heavenly light conquered the room, the shades making way for the rays casting over Natha's bed.

Natha scrunched her eyes shut and marfed, turning over on her other side and casting her back against the shining sun. In no time at all she leaned too far and fell out of the bed with a soft thump, taking her pillow, the blanket, and half the sheets of the bed with her.

“Okay!” she said, curling up with the covers with her nose sticking out. “I'm awake, I'm awake!”

Dria tugged at the strings and closed the shades but twisted the plastic rod to turn the shades vertically, giving calming natural light to the room. Natha sat up and let a piece of her blanket fall off her shoulder. She blinked several times then yawned dramatically, stretching her slim arms up and arching her back.

“Morning!” She said to her sister, who still lingered in the corner of the room next to the window.

“Good morning, though it's never really easy to get you out of bed,” Dria said, walking over to the door and leaning against the entrance.

“Well, not all of us get up at the crack of dawn for stretching and yoga practice. Like seriously, you walk around all day, carry stuff, do laundry, walk more, clean, read, blah, blah, blah. What's yoga gonna do that isn't taken care of during the day?” Natha questioned, finally standing up in her small white shirt and gray sweatpants.

Dria watched her but rolled her eyes a little at the questions. “Gives me peace of mind,” she responded. “Anyways, hurry up and get dressed, it's that day you keep warning me.”

“What day?” Natha responded, rubbing her eyes then her ears flicked up as she gasped. “VALENTINE’S DAY!”

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