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Dabble 05: Polar Opposites

(Featuring Zenya, Zeno)

Dabble 05: Polar Opposites

“You've been laying on the couch for about 5 hours, you need to get up,” Zeno said with his arms folded.
The brown four-tailed fox tapped his foot impatiently as he stared at his sister, who nonchalantly rolled over to face the couch.

“I'm fine, don't need to be so uptight,” she responded, covering her wings over her green-furred body. She curled her four tails under her as she stretches, balling up like a large plush pillow. “Besides, there's nothing to do today. So why don't we relax a little, huh?” she asked, whining playfully.

“If there's nothing to do then you make something happen,” Zeno said before going to sit on the other end of the couch where she rested her black padded paws on the armrest. He lifted them and sat down, causing her to curl up more to make room for him. “If you're so insistent that we relax, then we should take a trip to the Sana or hot springs.”

“Why don't you go?” she said, groggily. “I don't really wanna move, it's so comfortable here.” She scratched her back and then rested on her back, nonchalantly stretching to place her feet in her brother's lap.
Zeno didn't mind but folded his arms, shaking his head at her sister's lackluster attitude. “We have to go together. The family agreed that each of us always has to stick with our partner. Wherever one goes, the other follows. I do not mind this buddy system but you're a little too nonchalant for everything.”

She wiggled her toes and smiled sheepishly “Ahh, that's what I always like about you, you're always so straightforward,” she teased with a small hint of sarcasm but enough to where he wouldn't notice.

“Regardless,” Zeno said. “I'm not planning on staying in the house all day. And once we get there, you can relax all you want. Now, shall we be off?”

Zenya grinned a little, her ears flicking with an idea. She laid to her left side and shook her head. “Naw, I'm alright here, you head out and maybe I'll catch up with you later.”

Zeno could sense his sister was lying to him and frowned. He lifted her legs off him and stood up. As Zenya hugged a pillow she shivered as she felt a brush of fur overcome her back and legs. She blinked as it started to cover her body and her eyes widened. “Oh no!” She said, pushing the tails off in a small panic but was too late. Zeno succeeded at growing his four tails out, one to wrap her four tails, another to wrap her waist, and the other her arms to her side and lifted her. Compared to Zeno's muscular body and tall stature, Zenya’s small size was lifted with ease. Though flawless in her figure, she had a large chest that Zeno had to be careful to cover, despite her wearing a shirt.

“Yeah, we're going now,” Zeno said bluntly and walked out. Zenya struggled for a moment then shrugged and relaxed, flapping her wings a little to get a little more height in her new ride to the spa. She grinned successfully then leaned forward to kiss Zeno on the cheek.

“Goodness, goodness, guess I don’t have much of a choice now,” she said in fake defeat, enjoying the idea of being carried every once in a while, despite enjoying the freedom to fly. Zeno didn't mind as his tails were getting exercise in holding a person firmly in his grip. Zenya kept her wings out to give his tails more weight and rested her feet on the back of his head as they made their way out the door.

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