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Dabble 04: Duet

(Featuring Natha and Dria)

Dabble 04: Duet

“If I could see heaven, or the stars in the skies, I'd turn it all away just for the look in your eyes, I'd never be so selfish and always be true, girl there's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you~” Sang Zenatha, shaking her tails with a blow dryer to her hair. “I've traveled through the mountains, and seen the seven seas, but life away from you I'd say that's not the life for me. Ohh, I could be a hero, or I could be a saint, but one look at ya baby and I've sealed my own fate. I'd trade all my possessions, to feel you hold me tight, girl take me away and be my lover tonight~”

Natha continued dancing in the bathroom, closing her eyes as she shook her booty to the song she made up in her head. As she hummed to herself and tapped her foot to the rhythm, her sister, a slim, purple-furred vixen came in, watching her sister then shook her head.

“How long are you going to hold up the bathroom?” Dria asked, folding her arms with a large towel over her shoulder along with a bar of soap in her hand.

“Just a few more minutes,” replied the dancing pink vixen, still in tune with her world. “I'd gather all the pearls, the crystals, gems, and jades, I'd bring this whole world down and set it up ablaze. There's nothing I wouldn't do, to prove to you my love, I'd give my life to you and turn my back from life above, yeah!”

Zendria scoffed as she watched her sister dance and bleped. Natha could be heard singing all around the house from here, but Dria didn't disturb her, believing it would be a lost cause. She started the water in the shower and stepped inside when it got warm enough.

“Aww come on sis,” Natha said cheerfully. “I told you the song before, sing with me!”

“Not on your life,” Dria responded, sighing contently as the warm water sunk into her fur, the steam slowly consuming the bathroom.

“Please,” she begged. “Boy, you know I think you're sweet, boy I know you mean well...” she paused, hoping for her sister to continue but it failed. “You can shower me with gold but honey this girl's not for sale~” Natha finished. “Oh, I'm a single lady, but if you couldn't tell, there's no way I could be your pretty diamond in a veil.”

“Will you stop singing already?” Dria hissed, untying her black braided her to let the water rinse against it.

“You'd say you'd rule the world, and you'd do it just for me, but baby can't you see that I live independently,” Natha continued. She turned off the hair dryer and grinned as she went towards the shower curtains. She grabbed a hat and covered her hair then quickly joined in with her sister, causing Dria to yelp from surprise as she was hugged.

“NATHA!” Dria shouted, trying to push her off while Natha continued to smile and nuzzle the back of her sister's neck, trapping Dria's slim waist in a firm hug.

“Now darling just remember, and always hold this true...” Natha said, looking at her sister who sighed.

“All that you can do… I do it better than you...” she finished, blushing with her arms folded.

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