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Dabble 03: Team Clean Up

(Featuring Nora, Naku, Zenium

Dabble 03: Team Clean Up

“Halcyon help me,” Nora said, resting her elbow in one hand while keeping her head raised with the other. “Why did I agree to this?”

“You gotta be freakin' kiddin’ me!” Her hot-headed brother Zenaku shouted.

“Oh dear, I didn't expect it to be so much,” sighed the blue-furred fox Zenium.
The three stood at the entrance of the kitchen, surrounded by stacks of dirty pots, pans, and silverware scattered across the floor, counters, and sinks.

“I know this is a big family,” Nora said, walking into the room while lifting her six yellow-furred tails, “But this is a bit too much. Maybe the rule we made that team cleaning rotates was a bad idea.”

Zenaku kicked some stuff around with his hands in his pocket “You telling me? I thought Zenny made some sort of dishwasher thing earlier?”

“He did,” intercepted Zenium, the blue-furred fox folding his arms. “But Zenith reported there were some… kinks to work out,” he said with his head lowered.

“Well boys,” Nora said, turning to her two siblings. “Best we get this done now instead of dragging it out longer. You both know the drill, right?”

The two nodded. Nora, Naku, and Zenium went to three separate corners of the room and stood ready to clean. Nora took a deep breath and lifted her hands to the dishes. Sparks flicked between her fingers and shot throughout the entire room, contacting every metal plate and dining ware in her reach. She lifted them slowly, giving the boys a show as the items suspended in animation and froze in place in mid-air, occasionally turning due to a small breeze coming from the window.

Zenaku came next. He extended his six tails and set them ablaze. He walked slowly from one end of the room to the other, sweeping the floor and setting the filth and dust to ashes. The swish of his tails pushed the ashes to the corner with him where he coiled it all and slowly filled a garbage can full of it. He went back to his spot, pushing the floating dishes away from his red fur and avoiding the food that would get in his dreadlocks until he made it back to his corner.

Zenium looked to the sink and raised his hand to it. The fossette shirked and stuttered before water poured out from under it. The blue phox bent the water and doused the floor with it. He grabbed some soap and squeezed the container, shooting soap everywhere on the floor. With the entire room wet he started skating bare-pawed on the floor. He used his six tails to cover and mop large areas, getting the surface to sparkle past the suds and rising bubbles from his dance.

Zenium lifted fresh water from the sink and added more soap to start washing every dish. He moved his arms fast creating a rushing current that circled every plate, bowl, fork, and cup. Zenaku came forward and touched the water's current, heating the water at a high temperature to soften the food layers on the plates. Natha stopped and watched the boys at work, the suspension of the large body of water keeping the plates afloat.

“Dishes done in less than 10 minutes,” she said with a subtle smile. “Nice work boys.”

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