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Dabble 02: Industrial Dishwasher

(Featuring Zenny and Zenith)

Dabble 02: Industrial Dishwasher

“Zenith, Zenith, come look!” Said the fox giddily. The little one-tailed kit jumped up and down excitedly as he was ready to show his brother his latest invention. Zenith, the taller, 4-tailed, gray-furred fox walked into the kitchen from the hallway and looked at his little brother.

“What did you want to show...” he stopped himself as he looked up at a large machine behind Zenny. “What is that?” he asked folding his arms, predicting the trouble this would cause him later.

“Tadaaa! It's an industrial dishwasher!” he said. Zenny spun around and changed his attire to a white lab coat with fake glasses and a large retractable stick to point things out. “Over here is where you put the dishes, it travels around in an oval shape to the other side on the conveyor belt, the mechanical machines brush the dishes while high pressured hot water rinses them and gets them soapy.”

He walked around and opened a few side doors to show the inside mechanism of the water pressure, along with the gears and chains inside the interior. “This is where the water and stuff happens and it comes out through there,” he said, pointing to the end where the dishes come out. “And if they're still dirty it'll go back around in a circle for extra cleaning,” he smiled.

Zenny spun around and changed back into his usual attire of a blue shirt with white lining and brown shorts. He waited eagerly for his brother's reaction; eyes gleaming.

Zenith observed the workings of the machine and though internally he could care less, he looked at his brother. “Well, since 10 of us, as well as guests when Zen brings his friends over. This could serve a nice use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner clean-up. The workload is taken care of and hopefully with little mishaps,” he said, though tilting his head a little. “But have you tested it?”

Zenny yipped happily, despite his brother's monotone analysis. “Oh yeah! One sec!” he ran out of the room and returned with a few dirty plates, placing them on the conveyor belt. He went over and pulled a large level slightly. Setting the pace to slow. “Here's slow,” he pulled it again, “here's medium,” he pulled again,

“And here's fast,” he said and went over to watch as the dishes circled the machine with incredible speed. Getting soaked, scrubbed, soapy, scrubbed again, rinsed, and came out, the mechanical hands putting the dishes away. Zenith grew concerned with the speed level but didn't show it. Zenny however was enjoying it and stood in front of Zenith. “See, see! Nothing can go wrong!” He spoke.

The young kit spun around with joy, but his tail got caught in the chains of the conveyor belt. The cub yipped and grabbed Zenith's pants, forgetting his brother's intangible ward around him. Zenith reached to grab his brother, but it was too late. Zenny went flying with the machine, flailing his arms around dramatically as he was taken inside the depths of the machine. His tail began to stretch out as he grabbed the door for dear life. Soon his feet, legs, and his lower body began to sink in with the gears inside the machine, stretching him out as he went through every dial, twist, turn, and spin of the chains and gears, causing the machine to whine from the stress of pulling and stretching his body out.

He couldn't hold on anymore and yelped as his entire body got sucked in. Zenith shook his head and went over to the machine, searching for an off button slowly as he listened to the oofs, omphs, and marfs of his younger brother. After so long he found a red button and pushed it, shutting the machine off. He went over and opened the side doors Zenny showed him and stood back to let the steam of hot water clear. He looked from the entrance to the exit, seeing his brother had stretched 5-10ft longer than normal. His ears, toes, tail, legs, and belly were all stuck inside the inner railings, chains, and mechanical gears trapped inside. His head was in the shape of a gear, and he looked at Zenith with a nervous smile.

“Wonderful,” Zenith said. “I hope you have a manual for disassembling this thing,” he said.

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