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Dabble 01: I'm Not A Pupper

(Featuring Zenion, Gavin Sol, Venishi)

Dabble 01: I'm Not A Pupper

“After I gather all the crystals from the cave, a small opening appeared in the wall. I was curious to see where it led so I went inside and there was this large room with mirrors floating everywhere,” Zen said. The phox sat on the couch with his best friend Sol, a yellowed-eyed, white-furred Corgi who listened to Zen's story intently. They faced each while sitting crossed-legged, Sol's eyes gleaming with interest as his tail wagged mildly from the excitement.

“Well? Well? What happened next?” Asked the Corgi, hugging a couch pillow to lean his chin on as he listened with his ears perked up. His small 4'4 body easily covers the pillow.

“The door closed behind me, and the room fell dark. The mirrors started glowing randomly and I...”

“Excuse me,” spoke the raven. Venishi, Zen's second closest friend and teammate, walked in from the kitchen, happily eating a ham sandwich. “Sorry to interrupt your story Zen but I wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure, what's up?” Zen asked turning to face the blue-eyed Raven, watching as some of the breadcrumbs fell from his beak onto his green shirt with a thin purple overcoat.

“I read somewhere a while back,” Venishi continued, “that kitsunes like you have an undying fear or dislike of dogs. How is it that you too get along so well?”

Zen tilted his head at the question while Sol lifted his chin from the pillow, curious as to Zen's response. Zen leaned his head back to get a glance at Sol. The Corgi smiled and giggled at seeing Zen watch him upside down.

“Hmmmmm,” Zen said, causing Corgi's ears to flick curious as he stared wide-eyed at Zen while he thought about it. Zen leaned his head forward and looked back at the blackbird. “Sol's not a dog he's a puppy,” Zen stated.

Sol's jaw dropped while Venishi cleared his throat from choking. He utters a chuckle that soon turned into laughter while Sol's tail flicked up, pouting with perked-up lips.

“What do ya mean I'm a puppy!?! I'm not a puppy!” He said lifting his hands and balling them into fists, trying to sound firm and determined. Zen looked back over at him, leaning his head back, and chuckled, his four tails wagging under his black overcoat.

“You're a cute Corgi and too innocent to be like the rough house dogs I've experienced,” Zen teased with a faint grin.

“I'm not a puppy!” Sol whined playfully, flailing his arms up and down fast and dramatically.

“Oh, well that makes a bit of sense,” Venishi said, finishing his sandwich and inspecting the Corgi a little closer. “I guess Sol does match up more with a puppy.”

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